Guess the Mystery Celeb!

Test your knowledge and use the clues below!

  • This MYSTERY CELEB recently released a racy video in which she appeared naked riding a “wrecking ball.”
  • This MYSTERY CELEB “twerked” at the VMAs, which my have offended 
  • her father, Billy Ray Cyrus.
  • When this MYSTERY CELEB becomes happy, her facial expression 
  • can be described as s”miley.”
  • This MYSTERY CELEB was the star of the Disney TV show 
  • Hannah Montana, in which she played a character named Miley.
  • An anagram of this MYSTERY CELEB’s name is “Miley Cyurs.”
  • This MYSTERY CELEB often tweets from her Twitter handle, @MileyCyrus.




This article was originally published November 2013


Around Town: Will and Jaden Play Ball!


Celebs are hitting the town and making a scene!


Will and Jayden Smith are two of Hollywood’s hottest stars, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a good game of catch just like any other father and son! This Tuesday, the After Earth costars spent an hour tossing the ol’ horsehide around in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park!

“Look at us, having such fun throwing and catching this base ball,” Will Smith told dozens of gathered reporters. “My biological son, Jaden Smith, and I enjoy spending time together just as normal fathers and sons do. Woo! Good catching of that ball, my little son!”

Fifteen-year-old Jaden says even though their movie-star schedules can sometimes be demanding, he and his dad always find time to spend together! “We go to films. We eat ice creams. We do the fishing. We discuss females,” Jaden said while posing with his bat and ball for the cameras. “None of our behavior is alarming. There is no need to question it.”

After playing catch, Will and Jaden spent several minutes horsing around and making silly faces as reporters snapped photos. “Ha! Ha! I am feeling the emotion called happiness!” shouted Will. “See how we are able to touch each other’s skin without even gloves or masks?”

“You are a man that I trust, father!” said Jaden while spinning in circles.

Before long, playtime was over and Will and Jaden had to get back to work. “Go now. Report to the masses what you have seen here,” Will told reporters as he and Jaden stepped into their transportation pod. “They have been trained to believe you.”  


This article was originally published November 2013


Get The Look: Nicki Minaj!


Breaking down Nicki Minaj’s effortless style




Woah. Okay.









Good God, woman.






Is that what that is?



Holy mackerel.



Not even sure… what…

those are.



Aye caramba. 



Uh… cool?









Just… just stop. 


This article was originally published October 2013


Around Town: Justin's Unbelieberble Bod!





Yum yum! Fans of Justin Bieber got a tasty treat this week when the pop mega-star went shirtless for an Us Weekly photo shoot, showing off his delicious little boy body!

Justin’s lithe little muscles and smooth, hairless boy chest were on full display last Thursday as he posed for the cameras while talking about his sold-out “Believe” tour with his full, moist mouth. “I’m excited to see all my fans,” said the little filthy tease. “We have a lot of cool things planned for the show.”

The “One Time” singer has recently gotten into trouble for speeding in residential areas like a naughty little dirty boy who needs to be spanked, hard, but refused to comment on the issue. “I’m just focused on my tour and my fans right now,” said Bieber while coyly running his fingers down his lickably tight belly as though he didn’t know exactly goddamn well what he was doing.

Justin Bieber’s smooth little boy cock was not on display during the photo shoot, though fans can vividly imagine how it would feel to fondle it with their sweaty, trembling hands.


This article was originally published October 2013


Celebrity Fitness Secrets


Ever wonder how celebs keep their bods toned and taught for their movie star closeups?



Swims 30 laps per day in a thimble!



lifts the crushing weight of depression!



chases down and sucks the blood from goats!



runs through five personalities per day!



does weight training under 48 pounds of scarves!



runs from Scientologists!



does nothing because she is perfect!



fights a komodo dragon!



does something entirely bland and unmemorable!



eats a salad bowl filled to the brim with horse steroids!


This article was originally published August 2013


Around Town: Willem Dafoe's Drinkable Diet!


DAFOE'S DRINKABLE DIET! How does Willem Dafoe keep his hot Hollywood bod even at 57? This week, the Spider-Man star let his slimming secret slip: Willem is on an all breast milk diet!

"I consume nothing but milk squeezed from the ripe breasts of lactating mothers," Willem told Men's Healthmagazine in a five hour interview during which he did not blink. "I flick, flick, flick my tongue over their swollen nipples, savoring their hot white nectar. It pleasures me."

While the breast milk diet keeps Willem looking trim and tasty, it isn't cheap! The Platoon star says he spends thousands each week paying a stable of lactating mothers to live in a shed behind his house! "I visit them thrice daily to nurse," dishes Willem. "While lapping at their engorged teats I often purr like a feline. Purrrrrrrrr."

So will the breast milk diet trend catch on with other health-conscious celebs? Maybe so! Willem says A-listers like Nicolas Cage and Paul Giamatti have have already joined him in his "suckling sessions" while magician David Blaine is widely known to live on a slurry of breast milk and raw placenta! 


This article was originally published August 2013


Around Town: Vin's Mac Meltdown!


Guess he didn’t want to “think different!” Vin Diesel has landed in hot water for destroying the interior of an Apple store after becoming scared of the computers!

The trouble started last Thursday when handlers took Diesel, 45, to visit Apple’s flagship New York City store with the goal of teaching him about computers. “Vin has never used a computer and does not know what the internet is,” said a spokesman for Diesel in a press conference following the incident. “We thought it was time to teach him. Clearly we were wrong.”

Those on the scene describe Diesel as being “visibly skittish” even before he entered the Apple store. “His eyes were rolling around all wild and he kept trying to pull away from his attendants,” dishes one witness. “I guess the bright lights from the computer screens was making him nervous. He kept mumbling that he ‘didn’t trust them.’”

Things improved slightly once Diesel was inside the store. An Apple Genius showed Diesel how he could use his finger to move icons on an iPad screen, which seemed to delight the Fast and the Furious star. The peace was short-lived, however. When Diesel turned on the iPad’s camera and saw his own image on the screen he flew into a terrified rage.

“He was smashing every computer in sight with his giant fists, ramming his head into iMac monitors, biting straight through keyboards,” recalls one survivor. “He was completely berserk. It was the most scared I have ever been.”

Handlers were able to bring Diesel down after shooting several tranquilizer darts into his back, but not before the Babylon A.D. hunk could cause nearly $1 million in property damage.

Following the incident, Diesel was promptly flown back to his mansion in Malibu, California where he is said to be preparing for an international press tour promoting his new movie Riddick and eating over 50 pounds of raw meat per day.


This article was originally published May 2013


Around Town: Ke$ha in Cri$i$!


What is wrong with Ke$ha? Friends and family members of the “Tik Tok” singer are reportedly “very concerned” over the pop star’s bizarre recent behavior, which has included several nights of sobriety and regular bathing!

The party girl’s public meltdown began last Thursday when Ke$ha was caught on camera wearing pants and reading a book at a Beverly Hills coffee shop. “She wasn’t wearing a Native American headdress or screaming that everyone should suck her dick,” said one shaken witness. “She was just totally engrossed in a Johnathan Franzen novel. It was disturbing.”

Sadly, Ke$ha appeared to worsen over the next several days, being spotted around Los Angeles sitting in a chair with both of her feet on the ground, and eating with a fork and knife.


Ke$ha’s personal manager, Janelle Mackie, claims nothing is wrong with the singer, telling reporters, “Ke$ha has been drinking handles of vodka, peeing on the floors of dance clubs, and passing out in hot tubs with tattooed heroin addicts nightly.”

But those close to the singer tell a much different story. “I wanted to do a bunch of coke and ride a mechanical bull the other night, but [Ke$ha] said she just wanted to watch the movie Amour and go to bed early,” a concerned insider said, on condition of anonymity. “If she keeps this up, I’m really worried she might live to 30.”

cWe certainly hope not! Get help, Ke$ha!


Around Town: Lena Dunham Eats a Sandwich


t’s the lunch that has America talking a bunch! “Girls” creator and star Lena Dunham was spotted eating a turkey sandwich on a bench in Brooklyn last Tuesday, instantly sparking a nationwide debate over modern femininity, sandwiches, and media depictions of women eating sandwiches!

Both fans and critics of Dunham took to the Internet to voice their opinions on the sandwich-eating after photos of Dunham eating the sandwich were first posted on! “As a 24-year-old woman, Lena eating that sandwich rings so true to me,” wrote one commenter. “I’ve eaten turkey sandwiches just like that. As soon as I saw those sandwich photos, I thought, “She gets it.’”


In a six-page article about the afternoon snack in this week’s New Yorker magazine, culture critic Alexandra Lange says Dunham “captures an entire generation’s experience of eating sandwiches ... from the anxieties about dripping mustard and getting crumbs down one’s shirt to the confusing, chaotic ecstasy of that first bite containing a slice of pickle.” The Los Angeles Times called Dunham’s decision to eat a turkey sandwich “revolutionary” and “a striking symbol of how far women have come in terms of eating sandwiches, freedom, and lunch in general.”

But for all the praise she’s receiving, Dunham is also facing heated backlash on the sandwich issue. “Dunham apparently feels almost pathologically compelled to shove her sandwich choices in our faces, whether we like that kind of sandwich or not,” wrote Sean Daly in the New York Post. And in the National Review Online, Betsy Woodrfuff writes, “At the end of the day, Dunham is just another rich white girl eating a turkey sandwich. The sandwich did not even look very good.”

Love her or hate her, Lena will be part of the national dialogue for a long time to come. Since the sandwich-eating occurred, the wunderkind already has stirred up several more controversies: By sneezing once, by looking at a bird, and by eating a different kind of sandwich the day after eating the first sandwich! 


This article was originally published February 2013


Around Town: Taylor's Next Phase!


Pop country superstar Taylor Swift may still be riding high on the success of her smash hit album Red but the chart-topper is already hard at work on her next record! Insiders say the "You Belong With Me" singer has penned over a dozen tunes for her follow-up album Machines Of Oppression!

"With Red, Taylor proved she could move from country to pop and Machines Of Oppression will definitely be another big step in her artistic evolution," says Taylor's spokesperson Jessie Bowmen. "Taylor writes songs about what she's going through so when she was a teenager her records were all about boys, summer crushes, and first heartbreaks. Now she's 22 and she's going through a very political phase. She just discovered Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky. Machines Of Oppression will really reflect that."

Fans are already buzzing over the first single off the new album, "Wake Up Sheeple", which leaked online last Thursday! In the song Taylor speak-sings over a sound collage of Native American chanting and audio clips from the Fox News channel: "American dream / Or American scheme? / Pretty corporate puppets / On your TV screen / Tell you what to think / Tell you what to buy / While half a world away / A sweatshop child cries / Raped by your greed / At least you got your iPad."

"When I first heard 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' I'll admit I didn't like it right away," wrote commentor JustinsGurl93 on the Swift fansite, "So I'm crossing my fingers that 'Wake Up Sheeple' will grow on me too."

Along with the new album, style-icon Taylor also has a brand new look! The blonde beauty has stopped wearing shoes and is no longer shaving her legs or armpits! "Fuck society's chauvinistic rules about how a woman has to look," Taylor told Sherri Shepherd on The View when asked about the new style. "We're all animals." Taylor later exchanged heated words with co-host Elizabeth Hasselback

when she refused to extinguish her clove cigarette!

Taylor has not yet announced plans to promote Machines Of Oppression, writing on her website that she plans to spend the next six months to three years backpacking across India!


Around Town: Johnny's Yurt Hurt!


We all know Johnny Depp is hot but this is ridiculous! The sexy Pirates Of The Caribbean star received severe burns last Saturday after his yurt caught fire!

Johnny and several friends were reportedly gathered in the hunky heartthrob's yurt, a semi-permanent tent structure based on an ancient Nomadic design, for the purpose of ingesting peyote when the accident occurred. "We were drumming and Johnny was doing some fire-spinning when I guess he lost his grip on one of the chains," said Moondream Present, 43, who was in the yurt at the time. "It went into a pile of shoes and I guess since they were all made of hemp they lit up pretty fast." Now that's what we call getting hot feet!

Firefighters arrived on the scene quickly but were unable to reach the yurt for several minutes as their path was blocked by a half-completed geodesic dome Johnny started building several years ago as well as a 14-foot tall mixed media installation art piece called "The God-Head." Adding to the confusion were the three dozen peacocks and ostriches which roam freely on Johnny's property.

Johnny was rushed to Ceders-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles where he was treated for burns on his arms and thighs. Doctors say it was a miracle the swoon-worthy star was not hurt worse since he had been naked when the fire erupted. "Even if he had not been burned, it's a good thing Mr. Depp was brought to the hospital," revealed one insider, "He is suffering from lice, ticks, and numerous skin rashes. It appears he has not bathed in several years." With a hunk like Johnny that's sure to be one steamy bath!