Around Town: Johnny's Yurt Hurt!


We all know Johnny Depp is hot but this is ridiculous! The sexy Pirates Of The Caribbean star received severe burns last Saturday after his yurt caught fire!

Johnny and several friends were reportedly gathered in the hunky heartthrob's yurt, a semi-permanent tent structure based on an ancient Nomadic design, for the purpose of ingesting peyote when the accident occurred. "We were drumming and Johnny was doing some fire-spinning when I guess he lost his grip on one of the chains," said Moondream Present, 43, who was in the yurt at the time. "It went into a pile of shoes and I guess since they were all made of hemp they lit up pretty fast." Now that's what we call getting hot feet!

Firefighters arrived on the scene quickly but were unable to reach the yurt for several minutes as their path was blocked by a half-completed geodesic dome Johnny started building several years ago as well as a 14-foot tall mixed media installation art piece called "The God-Head." Adding to the confusion were the three dozen peacocks and ostriches which roam freely on Johnny's property.

Johnny was rushed to Ceders-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles where he was treated for burns on his arms and thighs. Doctors say it was a miracle the swoon-worthy star was not hurt worse since he had been naked when the fire erupted. "Even if he had not been burned, it's a good thing Mr. Depp was brought to the hospital," revealed one insider, "He is suffering from lice, ticks, and numerous skin rashes. It appears he has not bathed in several years." With a hunk like Johnny that's sure to be one steamy bath!