Around Town: Taylor's Next Phase!


Pop country superstar Taylor Swift may still be riding high on the success of her smash hit album Red but the chart-topper is already hard at work on her next record! Insiders say the "You Belong With Me" singer has penned over a dozen tunes for her follow-up album Machines Of Oppression!

"With Red, Taylor proved she could move from country to pop and Machines Of Oppression will definitely be another big step in her artistic evolution," says Taylor's spokesperson Jessie Bowmen. "Taylor writes songs about what she's going through so when she was a teenager her records were all about boys, summer crushes, and first heartbreaks. Now she's 22 and she's going through a very political phase. She just discovered Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky. Machines Of Oppression will really reflect that."

Fans are already buzzing over the first single off the new album, "Wake Up Sheeple", which leaked online last Thursday! In the song Taylor speak-sings over a sound collage of Native American chanting and audio clips from the Fox News channel: "American dream / Or American scheme? / Pretty corporate puppets / On your TV screen / Tell you what to think / Tell you what to buy / While half a world away / A sweatshop child cries / Raped by your greed / At least you got your iPad."

"When I first heard 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' I'll admit I didn't like it right away," wrote commentor JustinsGurl93 on the Swift fansite, "So I'm crossing my fingers that 'Wake Up Sheeple' will grow on me too."

Along with the new album, style-icon Taylor also has a brand new look! The blonde beauty has stopped wearing shoes and is no longer shaving her legs or armpits! "Fuck society's chauvinistic rules about how a woman has to look," Taylor told Sherri Shepherd on The View when asked about the new style. "We're all animals." Taylor later exchanged heated words with co-host Elizabeth Hasselback

when she refused to extinguish her clove cigarette!

Taylor has not yet announced plans to promote Machines Of Oppression, writing on her website that she plans to spend the next six months to three years backpacking across India!