Around Town: Justin's Unbelieberble Bod!





Yum yum! Fans of Justin Bieber got a tasty treat this week when the pop mega-star went shirtless for an Us Weekly photo shoot, showing off his delicious little boy body!

Justin’s lithe little muscles and smooth, hairless boy chest were on full display last Thursday as he posed for the cameras while talking about his sold-out “Believe” tour with his full, moist mouth. “I’m excited to see all my fans,” said the little filthy tease. “We have a lot of cool things planned for the show.”

The “One Time” singer has recently gotten into trouble for speeding in residential areas like a naughty little dirty boy who needs to be spanked, hard, but refused to comment on the issue. “I’m just focused on my tour and my fans right now,” said Bieber while coyly running his fingers down his lickably tight belly as though he didn’t know exactly goddamn well what he was doing.

Justin Bieber’s smooth little boy cock was not on display during the photo shoot, though fans can vividly imagine how it would feel to fondle it with their sweaty, trembling hands.


This article was originally published October 2013