Around Town: Willem Dafoe's Drinkable Diet!


DAFOE'S DRINKABLE DIET! How does Willem Dafoe keep his hot Hollywood bod even at 57? This week, the Spider-Man star let his slimming secret slip: Willem is on an all breast milk diet!

"I consume nothing but milk squeezed from the ripe breasts of lactating mothers," Willem told Men's Healthmagazine in a five hour interview during which he did not blink. "I flick, flick, flick my tongue over their swollen nipples, savoring their hot white nectar. It pleasures me."

While the breast milk diet keeps Willem looking trim and tasty, it isn't cheap! The Platoon star says he spends thousands each week paying a stable of lactating mothers to live in a shed behind his house! "I visit them thrice daily to nurse," dishes Willem. "While lapping at their engorged teats I often purr like a feline. Purrrrrrrrr."

So will the breast milk diet trend catch on with other health-conscious celebs? Maybe so! Willem says A-listers like Nicolas Cage and Paul Giamatti have have already joined him in his "suckling sessions" while magician David Blaine is widely known to live on a slurry of breast milk and raw placenta! 


This article was originally published August 2013