Best App of the Month: iPiss Drinker


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ABOUT THE APP: iPiss Drinker

There’s a time and a place for drinking urine. Neither of these has ever been “in public.” Until now! If you got your hands on the piping hot -- or should we say fizzy warm -- iPiss Drinker, you know it's the only app that lets you simulate the unmistakable sensation of imbibing pee. This amazing visual marvel behaves like a real glass of foamy piss. Bonus orgasmic moan included!

“Must have iPhone app!”



Push the thirsty button, and drink up!


Reviews From The App Store:

★★★★☆ Good app, wish there were more colors. Urine looked accurate, but would be great if you could use a slider to set hydration levels for more variety in hue/viscosity.


★★★☆☆ TOO JUDGMENTAL. I wanted a piss drinking experience but at the end it told me what I was doing was wrong. If I wanted 2 be judged for drinking piss I would still be married.


★☆☆☆☆ The greatest. The iBeer Drinker cracks up my friends! I drink a glass of beer on my phone in front of them and they all laugh at me and say “I can’t believe you’re pretending to swallow that! Don’t you know what that’s supposed to be, you stupid jerk?” Then they laugh more and throw objects at me.. Who knew drinking beer could make me life of hte party!!