Best App of the Month: Operation, Kim Jong Un Edition


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About the app: Operation, Kim Jong Un Edition

From the North Korean App Store

Dear Leader and Apple Computer creator Kim Jong Un has invented the perfect application for children: Operation. After exploding America and high-fiving Scottie Pippen, Supreme Leader flew his plane to heaven where his dad told him to make game. This is game. He spent all night creating iPhone so kids could play game that he invented.  




Reviews From The App Store:

★★★★★ Amazing! All praise dear leader!


★★★★★ Amazing! All praise dear leader!


 ★★★★★ This app sucks! It didn't even let me aldjal skf oh my god asdlkfjadg aa Just jokes. app is perfect and review is telling truth because I love app and country, not because local officials have tied up wife and children and holding them at gun point. All praise dear leader!