Best App of the Month: Phone Checker Pro


Every month, The Occasional saves you the trouble of sifting through the app store and recommends the one you must download.


About the app: PHONE CHECKER PRO

Love checking your phone but nobody's emailing you because they're busy checking their own phone? Enter Phone Checker Pro. This addictive game replicates the experience of checking your phone with notifications based on your actual contact list! The best part? It recreates real life situations: You're waiting for a cashier to hand you change…check that phone! You just stepped out of the shower…check that phone! You've just put on one shoe and now need to put on the other…well, you get it (check that phone). 





Reviews from the app store:

★★★☆☆ Loved the level where you have to wait two seconds for a web page to load so you have to check your phone.


★★★★☆ The constant notifications this game sends me give me even more reasons to check my phone!


★★★★☆ This game gives me another excuse to look at my phone. I love this, since I have recently started to find talking to people face-to-face stressful and much of life to feel dull and slow-paced.


★★★☆☆ This game is -- sorry just got a text -- this game is really -- hold on, gotta take this call -- this ga -- wait Facebook -- th -- 


Originally published May 2013


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