A Significant Interview with Bob Odenkirk


The first guest for our series of extremely important and hard-hitting interviews is Bob Odenkirk, author of
'A Load of Hooey'



So, Bob, your first book comes out October 7, 2014, the same date that Fox News Channel began broadcasting in 1996. Explain why this connection is so important to you.

It's my second book! Hollywood Said No! was my first! But thank you thank you thank you. I want to commemorate Fox News Channel's anniversary, and I can think of no better way than an angry, funny, slanted screed from a blazing lib and feminazi such as myself. Thank you Fox for furthering the cause of anarchy in service of capitalistic awfulness. Long may you blow.


2.   My sources tell me this book is the first in what will become the best-known humor imprint in the world, The Odenkirk Library. If you had to guess, what would be the quantity of free porn and video game downloads available in your library?

Mostly porn, as is everything. There will be one video game based on the Old Testament, so that should balance things out (and be really boring to boot!)


3.   How can you tell if you've got too much hooey?

Very simple, your underwear will split and you'll slip around like a nincompoop.


4.   Now that we got the book release out of the way, let’s move on to some more intimate questions. Ready? Here they come…


A). Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers are not helping at all. Just put on shorts with no underwear. Briefs (when sized correctly), offer gentle support, cradling the spermal region, and trimming the waist and thighs, offering shape to the gonadonal hexagon.


B). Boxers or Wrestlers?

Boxers! Much easier to swindle — wrestlers haven't been concussed enough.


C). Boxers or other dogs of your own choice?

I have a dog that is part boxer! I'm going to say BOXER MIX and have it both ways.


Thank you for your intimate honesty.


5.   Early on in your career you were a contributor on The Ben Stiller Show and The Dennis Miller Show, I was just wondering if anybody famous came from either one of those shows?

Nah … just showbiz malcontents, though some of us have made a pretty penny and distracted Americans from their already distracted state.


6.   You make a lot of tough decisions as a writer and producer. Here’s one. Marry, kill, or holiday bonuses: 

The Birthday Boys. Marry, THEN holiday bonus, then KILL, and you get to (legally) keep the bonus!



Who weren't your first comedy influences?

Benny Hill, Hee Haw, all of The Dean Martin Roasts, Johnny Carson's character Art Fern of the Tea Time Movie Minute, All Bob Hope TV specials, Burt Reynold's and Dom DeLuise's shenanigans, "Raymond J. Johnson" (look it up), and many many others.


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