Questions with Chelsea Peretti


What's your deal?

Depends on the comedy club but I like to have hummus in the dressing room.


What's the best?

The new direction Brian McKnight's career is taking, in which he uses his legendary voice to sing about pussy. 


What's the worst?

All radio commercials, turtlenecks, and bad quality fish.


Who do you think would be excited to meet you?

Probably Ray J, Ryan Gosling, Mark Ruffalo, Eminem, Rob Pattinson, Sawyer from LOST, and Jason Momoa would be excited due to the legend of who I am that would precede me.


How is your relationship with minorities?



Tom Hanks?

His rapper son Chet Haze is my best friend.


Sure, but what do you really think of Tom Hanks?

Close friendship with his son.


What's your favorite 90’s r&b song? Details, please.

Too hard to choose - so many cherished memories. Let's just say, at random, "Pony" by Ginuwine.


Who would you like to be best friends with?

Outside of Chet Haze? Larry David and Phil Jackson. Also Beyonce, pending scheduling issues.


If you had to rank the coolest people, who would you purposely leave off the list to teach them a lesson?

Bill Clinton because he needs to be taught a lesson (and it would be taught via teacher/student roleplay).


This article was originally published May 2012