Secrets Behind the Medical Props of Children's Hospital

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Watching Childrens Hospital, you probably assume that what you see is 100% real. Ready to have your mind blown? Almost everything on television is phony. Even the political conventions. We couldn't possibly use a real human brain on the show. The art department has to fake it. Is your mind blown yet? No? How about now: All the animals in Sesame Street are PUPPETS!

Repurposing everyday items, the Childrens Hospital art department works overtime* to create a simulacrum of the human body parts that appear your favorite operation scenes. Today, we let you in on some of their secrets. So let's give props to our props!


*Note to payroll department, don't literally pay them overtime


A Human Lung

Is created by taking a human kidney and bleaching it white.


An Adult Human Heart

Is made of two children's hearts sewn together. 


A Bowl of Lychee Nuts 

Is really just human testicles in a human skull.


When You See a Human Liver 

In the show, it's actually a human spleen cut in half. 


Human Muscle Fiber 

Is a cat turned inside out.



Is actually horse urine. Horse urine is limeade.


Human Blood

On camera, isn't human at all. It's one part chocolate syrup and two parts endangered panda blood, to make it redder.


Rob Corddry's Breasts 

Are silicone, not saline.


This article was originally published October 2012