hi i’m prince. i wanted 2 start my own magazine but i am shy. i ran into will ferrel at a party. he is the star of my favorite movie, megamind. he told me that his company funny or die has an ipad magazine. i asked him “what is an ipad?” he showed me 1 and it was glamorous.

i told will ferrel, “i would like 2 make a magazine on the iPad, but i am shy.” he said 2 me, “don’t be shy, prince. u are funky.” will ferrel makes me smile. :) i gave him some beautiful crystals as a present.
will ferrel told me i could be the editor of an ipad magazine this month. i am going 2 share with u some of my deepest and most scandalous thoughts. u will see a side of prince like u have never seen before. do u want 2 see me? i made a little game 4 u above. connect the dots 2 see prince. now here is a picture of a raven:

i have many treasures 4 u in this magazine. together we will publish our erotic desires and rave in2 a new technological atmosphere. 




click below to see prince's version of connect the dots



things i saw that are purple

hi i’m prince. welcome 2 my magazine. here are some things I saw that are purple.

find out what it sounds like when doves cry.


beautiful women

hi i’m prince. i am a gemini. this part of the magazine is a list of women i think are beautiful. some of them i have gotten freaky with. try 2 guess which ones. i will not tell u it’s a secret shhhh

julianne hough
lindsay gould
gessi accompora
stephanie james
lee heathers
sheila e
francesca izzo
sarah burke
tilda swinton
krissy kerr
rachel hirsch
mollie isabel
nichole roberts
tisha roberts
emily collins
heather giles
stephanie lazarus
dara von swank
meg harry
jennifer cambry
michelle hales
juice newton
abby owens
brooke lewy
valarie denise
casi grace
dani shih
marrisa reese
ali bevelaqua
jenna hallinan
gillian keifer
claire squires
lana del rey
mary baumann
lauren andre
sami katz
tempest bryant
crystal malone
lisa g from the howard stern show
alix weintraub
fara fenigan
maria ruiz
joanna sherry
eaven hooke
deirdre aaron
kate barker
carly rae japsen
jennifer neville
dara gudmundson
casi maggio
nikki hoesel
sheena easton
miri marciano
judith nelson
maya siegel
devorah liftutz
this girl that i thought was ke$ha but might not have been
sissy sommers
monica maron
sheila larson from newbridge
betty koch
rochelle goldenberg
christine singel
joanna zjadman
marsha warfield
erin driscoll
julie kraut
amy scheuer
megan harber
becca nicoll
karina mckenny
laura campbell
elizabeth kucinich
carolyn moore
justine bilicki
erica rio
chelsea peretti


My favorite chandeliers

hi i'm prince. now is the part of the magazine where i share with u some of my favorite chandeliers.



hi i’m prince. i had fun making the iPad. here’s what u can expect in the next issue.


i interview a pile of sand slipping through the fingers of a single mom (very emotional)
8 great tips for purchasing an ascot
kevin smith is a devil!!!
funky word jumble
20 questions about god 4 wendy and lisa
banana pudding recipe