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Hello everyone in our office! Tomorrow's the first day everyone is going to be in the new space which is a goddamn delight.

Also Nate might be bringing a dog? I don't remember if tomorrow kicks off Nate Brings A Dog Week, but i hope it does. 

ANYWAY, now that we definitely have a new dog it's time for us to grow up and start being role models for the dog. First order of business: meetings. Here's how they're gonna go down. 

Every morning at 10:30, News will have their topical meetings. Anyone who is not on the news team is welcome to join. 

At Noon on Mondays, there will be an all-office meeting where we'll all chat and gab and dish about our weekends. More importantly, now that we're a gigantic office with hundreds of employees, this will give everyone a chance to touch base and we can discuss ongoing projects for the week. This will also continue to function the way to Monday meetings always have: pitches and brainstorming and Pat pushing ideas based around things that rhyme. 

At Noon on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the non-news team (we'll come up with a better name soon) will have pitch meetings. Like the news meetings, anyone who is not on this team is welcome to join. 

Also, let's do this right. Those are the times the meetings start. If you're going to be late, give someone a heads up. No longer is it a situation where where I look up from my computer and realize everyone's in and say "you guys wanna have a meeting or something?" Just plan on being in the conference room at that time (or wherever News is having their meetings). 

If anyone has any questions (probably not since i nailed this?), let me know. 

Very excited for all this. You're all the best. Very serious about that actually. It's pretty cool knowing that everyone in the office is the best. Except for Scollins. I fired him weeks ago but he keeps showing up, which, granted, is quite endearing.