The Occasional's Audio Book Series: The April 2014 Issue of 'Playboy'


The second book in our ongoing series. Press play below. 




Need an abridged version?

Jump ahead to photo spreads of naked women:

66:54  Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke

103:20  The Secret Garden with model Shané

117:13  Miss April Shanice Jordyn

137:35 — Backstage Pass: Playmates at the Roxy Theatre


READ BY Zack Poitras


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A Day In The Life Of Sarah Silverman


As you know, Sarah Silverman is very famous.

A comedy star, you might say. So what's it like to be such a big deal? Let Sarah tell you as she whisks you through her day. 



Push play below and follow along on her journey.


Photography by: Robyn Von Swank

Written by: Dan Abramson & Sarah Silverman

Originally published in July 2012