Spring Fashion Preview: Danny McBride, Hannibal Buress, & More


Scarves? See ya. Pea coats? Please.

Ditch the winter wear and get ready for spring, where the common theme is sophistication. Below are the looks you can expect to find everywhere from Soho to Paris, flaunting an elegance rarely seen in warm-weather attire.


Front Capes 

Hannibal Buress

Unexpected heat wave? Chilly and raining? Spring is here, which means it's important to stay flexible in the wardrobe department. The proper front cape affords you warmth where it matters (the front), while keeping your backside breezy and ready for anything your date may throw your way.



Evening Front Capes

Hannibal Buress

Though your new collection of front capes may be flashy and colorful, don't be afraid to inject a little class at your next black-tie affair. The formal front cape is a wardrobe staple perfect for Oysters Rockefeller and champagne flutes.



Lobster hands

Hannibal Buress

Effortlessly elevate any front cape with a pair of lobster hands. They can also double as streetwear when you're looking for a touch of class for a casual night out.



Rite Aid Bag

Natasha Leggero

For unfussy, empowered chic that's easy to maintain, this look offers the grace and portability of a Rite Aid bag, with the fearless stain-protection only a Rite-Aid bag can offer. Readily available at Rite Aid and in a big cabinet under most sinks. Repurpose a spare Rite Aid bag as a headband. Be sure to tie it tight—you don't want it unraveling in the middle of your wild night out. Just don't forget the air hole. You want to leave others breathless, not you.

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Arm Hair

Moshe Kasher

Dare people to ignore this must-have accessory. Arm hair maintains that groomed, yet rugged Sasquatch look and ensures your outfits remain short-sleeved and nimble—perfect for the man constantly on the go. Immaculately coiffed and manicured, this ain't your grandfather's arm hair.

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The Sex Offender

Garfunkel and Oates (Kate Micucci & Riki Lindhome)

Contrasting patterns are an easy way to introduce intrigue into a simple outfit, and the "sex offender" effortlessly juxtaposes soft features with the patchy and unsettling. Be the best looking future sex offender sitting on that park bench.

Grooming Tips:

  1. Comb mustache gently every night

  2. Go to extremes with mustache wax - use sparingly or liberally

  3. Moisten mustache by licking lips while sitting at a booth by yourself at Denny's

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Tuxedo You Found In The Dumpster

Danny McBride

The one tuxedo you'll ever need, the dumpster tux will undoubtedly have that vintage look that will always be in style. Everyone's dumpster yields a different prize. Each bullet hole tells a story, especially if that story is, "Some guy was shot in this tux."

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Christian Dior Pants/Coat: Free

Hugo Boss Shirt with Optional Reddish (Blood?) Stain: Free 

Men's Wearhouse Vest: Free

Bow tie: Acquired in trade with one-toothed "dumpster guard"

Where to buy: Dumpster



Photography by Mandee Johnson

Additional Photography by Seth Olenick

Originally published February 2013