Julia Louis-Dreyfus presents "The Celebrity Internet"


Sure, you've been on the Internet. But chances are you've never been on the second Internet... The Celebrity Internet.

It's an alternate online experience reserved for the elite. And since you, a normal, will never have the chance to experience all it has to offer, let celebrated actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus show you around. So take a gander at sites like YouTube.famous and Facebook.famous, and get a taste for what life is like online for Julia and her very famous friends.


A Video Introduction to the Celebrity Internet with Julia Louis-Dreyfus:



Take a look at some of Julia’s favorite celebrity internet destinations:


As a celebrity, I'm very busy and often need a place where I just can log on and chat with my celebrity pals. Google.famous is perfect for this, and unlike on normal Internet, Google hangouts are widely used and quite fun.


You know how when regular people get emails from Nigerian princes, it's a scam? Not the case on the Celebrity Internet. Meet Prince Adayemi. I've been sending money to his village since he started emailing me in 2005. Every month, he shows up at my home with a return for my investment.


Another perk? Comment threads are reliable sources of positive feedback and healthy dialogue.

It should go without saying that we celebrities also have access to the latest gadgets and toys. On Apple.famous, I was able to order the iPhone 10 -- though I'm sure the iPhone 11 will come out any day now and this one might as well be the iPhone 8, which is embarrassingly passé. And oh yeah, they fixed Apple Maps. And it's perfect.

3D printers come standard with every home when you're famous. Want to recreate Multiplicity with your best friends? Go right ahead! Anything goes when you have access to Celebrity Internet.


Photography by Scott Garrison

This article was originally published May 2013