Here's Some Shit We Didn't Know What To Do With

Fashion Tips: How to make people lose respect for you if you're a man

  1. Put on your tank top.

Name the famous TV mini-series:

This TV mini-series followed the plight of African Americans as they struggled to make it in America. Drama, violence, lashings; its power will never be forgotten. What's its name?

How They Pitched The Film Batman and Robin: A Short Play

Director: It'll be great. We'll get Arnold to play Mr. Freeze. Everybody loves Mr. Freeze. 

Studio Head: ...Eh, I don't know. 

Director: And the bat suit will have nipples on it. 

Studio Head: I'm listening...


Who Am I?

I set a Major League record with 6 Grand Slams in one season

(HINT: I played for the Yankees)


What a Real Asshole Looks Like


This is Derrick. He vomits all over the place and is the worst. 

Things to do to Subtly Intimidate Your Enemies

Hold eye contact longer than necessary. 
Mention your casual hangout with their spouse and then trail off.
Let them gently brush your hair while you stare off into space and sigh disapprovingly.


Flubbed (verb): To botch or bungle.
Ben Affleck flubbed his lines during the shoot

Snubbed (verb): Ignored or spur-ned disdainfully.
Ben Affleck was snubbed for his work by the Oscars

Nubbed (verb): To have a person with a missing hand lightly massage your back with their stump.
After a long day of being famous, Ben Affleck likes to have his one-handed assistant nub him as he reads the next day’s script. Ben Affleck’s staff is filled with nubbers and often requests dozens as part of his contract with film studios. 

Strange But True

In ancient Rome, when the Coliseum did not have prisoners to throw to the lions, men were chosen based on the width of their buttholes. As everyone knows, a wide butthole displeases the Gods. 

Steps for The Perfect Sunday

  1. Open Safari
  2. Google “John Travolta Fat”
  3. Click ‘Images
  4. Leave Safari window open
  5. Exit Apple Store