The Occasional Staff Fitness Challenge: Part 3


60 days In

Two months in, one to go! We caught these three after an office gathering where they were tempted with trays of delicious cupcakes. 



186 pounds

Lost 9 lbs.

I stayed strong and didn't have any cupcakes at Jane's going away party. Feel great!



156 pounds

Lost 5 lbs.

Oh God, cupcakes are my one weakness. Thanks Jane!



130 pounds

Lost 11 lbs.

Wait, there was a party? And everyone was there? Man, I even talked to Jane today… This isn't how I planned things, you know. I wanted to be a novelist. To travel. But then life just got in the way, I guess. That, and supporting Laura. I'm being kicked out of my sublet.


This article was originally published August 2013